Workers Compensation Fee Increase

In a press release issued December 2nd, Labor & Industry announced that it will be increasing rates on workers compensation just as proposed back in September. The rates will increase on avg 2.7%, but for the building industry construction risk classes will see an average 5% increase.

Today, the Department of Labor and Industry issued their “concise explanatory statement,” which contains summaries and excerpts from the testimony heard across the State. On that note, it is extremely disappointing to see such little interest and poor turnout at the hearings. Across 6 locations in 8 days the total attendance was 50 people and of the 50 only 13 testified. [There is no indication of the number of written comments provided.] Specifically in Spokane, 18 attended and 5 testified, including Jim Breidenbach of Craftsmen Construction and myself. That’s the highest participation out of any of the hearings around the state.

Though largely dismissive of the necessity for further reforms, L&I does provide some short responses to the concerns laid out in testimony. You can read the entire document here.