If you like your toilet…will you be able to keep it?

ImageA bill introduced last week from Rep. Fitzgibbon (D-King County) would adopt a more stringent low flow toilet standard overriding the federal 1.6-gallons-per-flush standard that’s been in place since 1994.

Under HB 2414 (read here), as of January 2016, all toilets, other than institutional and commercial toilets, toilets used by children in day care facilities, and toilets used in bariatric applications, sold, offered for sale, or distributed in this state must be high efficiency toilets,” described as having an “effective flush volume…not exceed[ing] 1.28 gallons.”

The bill is scheduled for a public hearing in the House Committee on Environment Thursday morning at 8:00am. You can watch the stream live or after it airs over at TVW.org

An additional question that needs to be asked if this passes is where will they try to take us next?

The bill does include some fluffy language about the astronomical level of savings that would occur “if every home in the United States replaced old toilets with new high efficiency toilets,” and as this Huffington Post articlepoints out, California has already put that mandate into law.

As of Jan 1st in California, homeowners can no longer “get final approval for a variety of home improvements — from replacements of windows to a room addition — unless they have low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout their properties.” In addition, by 2017, homes for sale will have to disclose any substandard plumbing devices during the sale, as though the home was infested with termites or mold.

HB 2414 is just another case of Washington State trying to show up the federal government by further limiting the choices of homeowners and builders.